A Mountain Treck

Seen as I love mountains and trecking so much I decided to go on another one recently right after my trip from Europe. I was still recovering jet lag and a flue but I really need to get out into the wilderness again. My husband chose the walk, our two boys age 15 and 12 […]

How to find your own painting style

How to Develop a Personal Painting Style Part of being an artist is having an identifiable style, that special something that enables someone to look at a painting and know that it by you, regardless of what the subject of the painting is. A particular painting style is something a gallery will want to see […]

Pohutukawa -Omana Beach

Im really enjoying painting out side on location, pleinair, while painting  at Omana beach I could see so many paintings in front of me, choosing just one is hard, but I can take more canvas for more later. The  sound of the waves crashing beside me have a relaxing effect, and theres a soft breeze […]

July News

Well almost through Winter, we have had a lot of rain, but thankfully the daffodils are coming out and soon the Tulips will be too. My most recent painting is of Tulips , I love to paint something bright when we have had so many dull wet days. This month I heading to wellington for […]

June news

It sure has been a wet month but I have been busy working towards an exhibition for the spring. Ive also got  4 of my paintings sent off to Wellington for the NZ Artshow. The picture is of Mitre Peak and is one of the entries.   July  Im going to be working on some […]

May news

I haven’t been on any recent trips to the mountains but I have been busy painting for a few different exhibitions. My work has also recently been selected for a New Zealand Art show in Wellington, the biggest show to be held in NZ. I do have plans to travel with my paint box to […]

2014 news

Well just realised I havent posted anything for a while, since last October. Life keeps getting busier I think. The last 3 months I have painted some works for an up and coming artshow, and have been selling lots too. I have been working on getting my website updated which is happening very soon, and […]

Waihohonu Hut

My family and I had another tramp up to the Waihohonu Hut off Dessert Road into the Tongariro National Park. We had our packs on and enough food to stay a couple of nights. The  weather was nice and sunny and it only took us one and a half hours to get there. The hut […]

September News

Ive been busy painting for exhibitions coming up, our local Zen Garden, Strathalon Art Festival at Karaka, and another one at the Beachlands Log Cabin. I managed to get out a couple of times for some Plein Air painting, we had a couple of nice days, so was able to go for a bit of […]

July News

This month Ive started on a Tuscany Poppy series, would love to go there but painting it is great too. Beginning of August Im going to have a lot more time to paint as my youngest son is off to school,  Ive home schooled him for nearly 4 years , so its going to be […]

June News

        Ive enjoyed doing some small quick palette knife paintings recently, Ive found its good for freeing you up when I feel a bit stuck on what to paint next and Ive been busy with a new Art class that Ive started to give at the Log Cabin in Beachlands. Its a […]

Silica Rapids Walking Track is 21⁄2 hours walk and begins 250 metres above Whakapapa Visitor Centre, Tongiriro National Park . Have done this walk a few times now with family, as it only takes a couple of hours its great if you dont have alot of time. I have yet to do this walk in the […]

Glenorchy- MiddleEarth

My recent trip to Glenorchy, also know as MiddleEarth . A strong wind blew down the Dart River creating a haze of dust below the   Mountains. It was a spectacular sight. Glenorchy is New Zealand’s natural Paradise, home to some of New Zealand’s finest scenery, Paradise itself and the famous Routeburn Track; one of the […]

On The Easil

Mystical Bush oil painting started, first layers going on , have a lot more to go yet. This is a scene from the South Island of New Zealand,( Middle Earth), I walked this track with my family last summer , its called the Routeburn Track,  world famous for its beauty that many tourists and New […]

Plein Air Painting

What and Where Do I Paint Plein Air? Your subject matter is entirely up to you, but remember that you don’t have to paint everything you see; be selective, think about what the essence of the scene is. Focus on what you see, not what you can imagine or intellectualize about the subject. You’ll see more […]

Stormy Skies Blogger Picture

Stormy Skies is now on new Samsung Smart phones sold by Vodafone . It is available for sale as prints on Imagekind. I painted this about 6 years ago, at the time I was living in the country and I really wanted to live at the beach so got very inspired with doing alot of […]

Handy Painting Box

Im finding my Pocket Paint Box very handy for trips out and about. This is one I did a few days ago,my boys age 12 and 10 were out having fun in their raft while I had a relaxing time painting on the beach. Brought this Pocket Painter Box in America as I couldn’t find […]

Beach Walk Painting

While I sat in my car today waiting for my daughters bus coming back from collage, it was pouring with rain so I got out my Guerrilla Painter box and started painting the scene in front of me. Its a small pocket size so is perfect for painting from the car. I managed to get […]

Beach series

New Series done from  some local  scenes around Maraetai Beach.

Misty Morning

Beautiful Morning at Maraetai Beach with fog lifting, someone fishing off the wharf ,  people out for a walk and a huge barge cruising across the harbor.

Mountain Daisy series

Mountain Daisy series , inspired from some trecking I did with my family last summer around some beautiful mountainous scenery of New Zealand.  I love to get outdoors as much as possible.

Photography through glass

GLASS TO GLASS -I was at a cafe the other day with my camera and had a play around with a glass bottle on the table. It was a bit of fun and had some interesting results. Great the way it adds color and distorts things. I got as close as humanly possible to the […]

How to overcome Artists Block

“What I like to do is look at my portfolios of old paintings I did back when I had inspiration. I also look at any other artwork that I left off with, and try to put myself back where I was before I’d lost my inspiration. Sometimes, I’ll go back to places I used to […]

Painting with a Palette knife

Painting with a knife is a bit like putting butter or jam on bread and produces quite a different result to a brush. Painting knives are excellent for producing textured, impasto work and sweeping areas of flat color as well as tiny shapes of color. Strictly speaking, a palette knife is a long, straight blade or spatula that is […]

Karangahake Gorge

Had a nice walk through an old mining site which used to have a train running through 12 kms of tunnels in the Karangahahe hills. This walkway features historic railway remains in a stunning natural gorge setting, including 2 steel truss bridges and a 1km rail tunnel and provide access to the relics of historic […]

Bush Walk

My family walking through some beautiful NZ South Island  west coast bush. Painting was done when my family was a lot younger. We took a walk up an old bush track. The bushwas spectacular with moss hanging off the trees and lots of bird life. It had been raining the previous days so there were […]

Bush walk

Saw some amazing  flowers and wild life on a treck we did not far from Tauranga. We walked for 3 hours up into the hills and on the way spotted a deer up stream and later I discovered these beautiful bush lilies. The weather was good and I did some sketches of the bridge and […]

Routeburn and Caples Track

I had a great time doing the Routeburn and Caples , a 5 day treck  in the South Island these holidays with my family. The scenery is so amazing  and  I managed to get loads of good photos for future paintings. I definitely recommend the walk to anybody. You have to go well prepared with […]

Art Expo – 26th – 27th November

  Art Expo went really well, loads of interest, thanks everyone who came. We had a great variety of artworks on show, It is amazing how much we could fit into the little log cabin. I enjoyed meeting everyone and  was a very enjoyable weekend.

Stormy Skies

Have recently finished this one. I get very inspired by stormy skies and regularly  take the camera out with me whenever I can to capture them. Oil on Canvas, Palette knife painting Size – 24″ by 36″ For Sale – Top Quality paint and canvas

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